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I am attracted to anything that sparkles and I am always on the look out for unique handcrafted jewellery that looks expensive but does not necessarily make a massive hole in my pink Mulberry wallet. Hell, its like low-fat crisps – if they only have half the fat I can eat twice as much!

So my most recent find is the shiny sparkly pear necklace from Emmi jewellery. Emmi  jewellery launched only recently in 2015. Based in the historic town of Warwick, Emmi are delighted to bring to the market a stunning range of handmade jewellery produced by artisans in North America and Canada. Their range extends from the simple, yet beautiful, matt finished pieces to the glamorous with a dusting of sparkle. Jewellery that will look amazing and make the wearer feel special whatever the occasion.

So back to my necklace, it is just the perfect size to wear during the day or in the evening. The unique handmade shape looks very designer and feels lovely and smooth to play with and my goodness does it reflect the light. I chose the shiny one because I wanted something that would stand out but wasn’t large enough to look crass and gaudy. The “polished pear” really hits the spot. My next purchase will be the matching sparkly bracelet,  then I will be super sparkly and doubly happy, and the perfect nest fodder for magpies!

Emmi Jewellery

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