The Best Luxury Ski Helmet


I hate wearing helmets. They do nothing for me. My hair is long and straight and already lacking in body without some serious blow drying and product. After all the effort of buffoning my hair to give it volume, the last thing I want to do is flatten it back down!

However, now that I have a young child I take my mortality slightly more seriously and unlike the old days, the thought of potentially life threatening injuries occurring because I am to vein to wear something horrendous on my head seems more than silly. And lets not forget invincible celebrities like Michael Schumacher, proving that anything we can do to protect our heads when skiing is the only sane thing to do.

And so to selecting the Helmet. Even Cavalli couldn’t make a helmet which looks good on the catwalk, however, I have chosen a Lazer helmet which is reassuringly expensive and can be matched to your outfit!

What makes these new helmets top of the range and safer (other than being light weight and comfortable) are how the Rollsys System (how the helmet fits your head) will hug the back of your head, cradle your neck and is easily adjusted using the wheel at the back of the helmet. Then the Colour Chic system allows you to change the colour of the top half of your helmet, which means if your outfit changes then you can match your helmet without having to buy a new one. Just as well because I have chosen and bought the “Tempted Matte Purple and Grey” helmet and I have yet to find some matching purple ski wear!

Other features include a dual vent adjustment allows you to customise the feel of your helmet keeping your head at the perfect temperature and the plush fleece interior makes the Tempted one of the most comfortable helmet on the market.

For me, this helmet is the best on the market and I will be test driving it in Lech at the end of this month! You can buy all your helmets online at

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