Top 3 Night Spots in Manhattan


There is always a temptation to remain in the coddled glove of your luxury hotel when you are staying in a new city. You know where you are with the fine dining, there is always a bar with wonderful staff and quite frankly, being within staggering distance of your luxury suite if you are feeling a bit squiffy is a huge advantage. However, if you are feeling a little more adventurous and want to experience the bright lights and big city, here are my recommendations for a happening night out in the Big Apple!

Located in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood is Avenue, one of the city’s most exclusive and favored nightclubs. The intimate size of Avenue and allure of its patrons ­ mostly celebrities and fashion models ­ keep it busy from Monday to Saturday. Avenue’s party on Monday is the best in the city at present. On Tuesday, they host a special party dedicated to house music lovers. The door is highly selective with good reason.

Boom Boom Room
AKA Top of The Standard, The Boom Boom Room is undoubtedly the most opulent nightlife spot in NYC right now. This can be attributed to the unparalleled views, superb decor, and practically impassable door. Heck, you even have stunning views from the bathrooms. If you make it inside, be prepared to rub shoulders with the uber elite of Manhattan. The Boom Boom Room basically operates as a private members club and it currently does not accept reservations from the public.

Provocateur regularly draws one of the most sophisticated crowds in the New York City club scene. Amidst the patrons, you’ll notice many european businessmen and successful models, making it the nightclub of choice for international jet­setters. Provocateur is made up of two distinct rooms: o​ne room is a lounge called Provocateur Cafe which plays deep house music, making it ideal for having a conversation; the other room is Provocateur nightclub which plays house music and frequently features big name DJs. Provocateur is one of the most exclusive clubs in New York which translates to an extremely tough door. Be prepared to pay top dollar. It’ll be worth every penny.

​There you have it, the 3 most luxurious and sought­ after parties that New York City has to offer. Birthdays and Bottles are a bespoke party planner who can both recommend and get you into this sort of venue. They will help you see and be seen! However, there is no shame in getting sozzled at your luxury hotel bar if you prefer!

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