The World’s Unsafest Airlines


I felt it only right that after reviewing the world’s safest airlines, that I should cover the world’s unsafest airlines, or airlines to avoid if you are an uneasy flier. says if an airline has a crash that involves the death of a passenger and/or crew members it will have one star deducted from its safety rating. This deduction will remain in place for 10 years from the date of the incident. With this in mind, of the 449 airlines surveyed almost 50 have just three stars or less.

Four airlines only achieved one star for safety. Tara Air (Nepal) and Nepal Airlines itself. I wonder whether it is the airline or more the unpredictable conditions in the Nepalese mountains that result in higher than average numbers of crashes? Either way I wont be rushing to fly in Nepal! Kazakhstan’s Scat Airlines and Afghanistan’s Kam Air also have an abysmal one star rating. All four are on a list of airlines banned from flying within the European Union which also includes Blue Wing Airlines of Surinam and Meridian Airways Ltd of Ghana.

Of course, all these figures need to be taken with a pinch of salt, for example, I recently flew Norwegian Airlines on a very modern plane with plenty of leg room and in all honesty it was an improvement on the tatty British Airways flights I usually choose to take (although I did miss the ever-so-British and often humorous pilot notifications on the intercom) . Norwegian Airlines ranks lower than British Airways mainly because it’s planes do not have IOSA Certification (The IATA Operational Safety Audit certification) but as far as I can see it has had no fatalities in the last 10 years. Airline travel remains the safest method of transportation, far less dangerous than operating or being a passenger in a car, so keep perspective and enjoy your travels!

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