Cocorose My Best Fold Up Shoes

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Are fold-up shoes the best invention ever? Maybe not, but they must come close to the best idea for footwear after the invention of super lovely but stupidly high heels!

I love to stroll around beautiful towns, Monaco, Capri, Gstaad. The list goes on but my collection of high-heeled beauties don’t react well to hills, cobbles, or snow. On occasion, I’ve looked less than cool almost toppling over after a designer shoe has gotten caught in a grate. The shame! The answer is of course fold up shoes that slip nicely into your handbag.

So why do I like the fabulous shoes Cocorose London make? Firstly they come in lovely packaging thanking me for buying them. Well my dear shoes, it was an absolute pleasure to make the purchase! Secondly, they come with a darling zip-up case that zips the shoes neatly away in your handbag. Thirdly they look super cute and expensive. Mine have a snakeskin finish and a cute little bow. So these are now beloved “before” and “after” shoes for my evenings out and my Louboutins are safe from those nasty gratings.

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