Bamford Spa One Evening Body Splash

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After popping into the Bamford Haybarn Spa at the Berkley Hotel London, which really does feel like you are in a sophisticated Haybarn in central London, I couldn’t resist lightening up my day by taking away a couple of the Bamford scents.

Carol Bamford’s  fragrances are so uplifting on a winter’s morning in the UK that both my nasal cavity and mood thank her inventions in scent!  Take the Bamford One Evening Body Splash with such an intriguing description: “my evening walk is a time of quiet reflection. Wood smoke curls up through the trees mixed with the scent of flowers warmed by the day. home, candlelight and friends beckon.” The scent is divine. A light water fragranced with vetiver, cedar and amberwood especially blended to scent the entire body. this delicate body splash is a fusion of smokey top notes with a woody heart of vetiver, cedar and sandalwood, warmed by musk, oak moss and amberwood. I was hoping that if I splashed this slice of evening over me that it might help me drift off to sleep after suffering from jet-lag. No such luck on that score but it certainly took me to the happy place, a warm evening in a luxurious and idyllic version of our english country side and I love it.

I am also a fan of the Bamford One Morning Body Splash. “Each morning in the country i begin the day with a walk. a time when the air is fresh and pure. the breeze brings with it a trace of my favourite flowers, violet, lily, jasmine, and iris.” A light water fragranced with violet leaf, vanilla and iris especially blended to scent the entire body. this delicate body splash is a fusion of floral top notes of violet blended with patchouli, jasmine and iris, warmed by musk, amber and a touch of vanilla

Finally I am in love with the Bamford candied orange, frankincense and cardamon room fragrance which smells rich and of Christmas. I am very particular with my room fragrances – Glade just doesn’t cut it! This fragrance is perfect for the winter months plus comes in a super stylish bottle.

You can buy Bamford products at the Berkley Spa, Fortum and Mason or online.


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