4,000 Free Avios Points With Economist Promotion

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The Economist is giving away 4,000 “Free” Avios Points with every new subscription to the Economist magazine currently priced at £155 GBP.

This is not a crazily good offer but I have taken out these offers (in fact I took out the 12,000 point offer that is no longer live) and canceled after a few issues of the economist and my points have not been deleted even though the majority of my £155 GBP has been refunded.

EDIT: 17 Jan 15. The terms and conditions have now been changed for this Avios offer and you can no longer cancel your subscription (as of 16th January) which makes this offer very poor unless you were going to take the economist anyway!

You will need to open an Iberia Plus account to get the points (if you don’t already have one). Once you receive the Avios points, you can convert them to British Airways or avios.com via the ‘Combine my Avios’ function online.

On Avios.com just log in and hover over the ‘My Accounts’ tab, Under ‘Your Accounts’, click on ‘Combine My Avios’ and follow the steps (the combine my Avios tool isn’t currently available on a mobile app and your Iberia account must be 3 months old).

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