Emeraude Cruises in Halong Bay


Halong Bay is a drowned dreamscape where you will be memorized by jagged towers of limestone jutting skywards out of the eery mists and emerald green waters of the bay. Halong Bay was recognized by Unesco as a World Heritage site and it is now included as one of the New 7Wonders of Nature. With around 1600 islands Halong Bay attracts huge volumes of tourists and hundreds of pleasure cruisers offering tours around these islands.

In the 1880s the French Colonialists who sailed up here were so spellbound by these islands, that they built four flat bottomed paddle-steamers to transport cargo around the area and also to fulfill the need for pleasure cruises. The Emeraude, which is a replica of a vessel with the same namesake that used to cruise these waters between 1906 and 1937, now potters around Halong bay, bringing with it the romance and glamour from those Indochina days.

Stepping aboard a Emeraude Cruise is like stepping back in time. You will be greeted by gleaming hardwood decks, polished fittings, and an air of French sophistication. You may choose to spend your cruise lounging deck side on one of the plentiful rattan chairs, you may choose to stroll around the extensive four decks, lounge, and bar areas. There are two bars for eighty passengers, so you may also be tempted in a tipple or two as you laze on a deck chair and watch these mystical islands pass by.

Air-conditioned cabins, en suite bathrooms, award-winning cuisine, and an air of decadence all set the stage for a “Poirot” Agatha Christie-style voyage through these misty Islands. Join previous high-profile guests who have chosen to cruise on the Emeraude including US Senator John McCain, who cruised with the Emeraude on separate visits in 2009 and 2012. Five other US senators have also cruised with the Emeraude so you will be in good company when you board this beautiful ship. “It is a vessel worthy of this spectacular destination, and of a legacy that is every day in the making.”

To get to Halong Bay, fly into Hanoi, Vietnam, and then shuttle from the Press Club, Hanoi to the Emeraude pier 3 hours away.