Tom Daxon Candles, The Scent Of Luxury


I often try to recreate that special scent that luxury hotels seem to ooze. I can never put my finger on it, but so many of the luxury hotels we review have a signature fragrance which, although I fail abysmally in identifying the ingredients, a mere waft of it will take me back to my marvelous holiday.

Well it seems Tom Daxon has more than a clue in identifying the exact mix of ingredients which make up that fabulous luxury smell.

Take his “Under Milk Wood” candle which is burning in front of me as I write. I like to think nice smells lubricate the creative process! Apparently, a mix of Patchouli, Amber Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Gaiac Wood, Musks, and Suede (yes you read correctly – there is suede in this fragrance) smells of “Luxury Hotel”. So if you want your house or garden to exude like a 5-Star establishment, you need will find everything you need in the Tom Daxon Under Milk Wood candle.

Tom Daxon, I genuinely dont know how you do it but I will be very sad when this candle burns out.

About Tom Daxon
Tom Daxon grew up in fragrant surroundings. From the products my mother, a chemist with over 30 years experience, would give me to try, to her perfumer’s fragrance lab in Grasse with its rows of fragrance oils hidden in green bottles, these early scented experiences gave me a deep-seated love of fragrance.

At Tom Daxon, we simply want to make the best fragrances that we can. We do not consult focus groups or marketing plans – fragrances are developed according to my personal preferences and what I think people will enjoy wearing. Inspiration can come from anything but is often led by the ingredients; a flower, a wood. Cost and time are never considered which means that fragrance creation can take anywhere from months to years.

I have known my perfumers since I was four years old. Jacques and Carla Chabert are an incredibly talented and experienced father/daughter team who bring my visions to life. They earned their stripes at Chanel, Guerlain, and L’Oreal, but now operate independently of the fragrance giants, so they can ensure that the quality of everything they produce cannot be bettered.

From the initial brief I give to the perfumers, I go through several rounds of testing to find the scent that perfectly captures my vision. The fragrance oils are blended in Grasse and then matured in England for at least six weeks before they are bottled to allow a greater depth of aroma to be expressed from the ingredients. I hope the resulting fragrances bring joy to all who wear them and that they are something to treasure.

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