Silver Stacking Bracelets from Annie Haak


What girl doesn’t like sparkly glittery bracelets? I was on the hunt for a really beautiful set of silver stacking bracelets to wear out during our next trip away. I was looking for a real eye-catcher, a mega stack, something that would stack quite a way up my arm rather than just a few friendship bracelets next to each other. When I found Annie Haak’s stacking brackets I was on sparkly glittery cloud nine!

My choice and utter favorite is the Annie Haak Liquorice 10 Strand Stack. Each strand is beautiful in its own right. I particularly like the strand that looks like tiny, shiny licorice bubbles around my wrist. All together this stacking bracelet is exactly what I was searching for. I just need to keep away from magpies who would undoubtedly also fall in love with the sparkles and make my bracelet into a shiny glittery bird’s nest!

About Annie Haak
Annie Haak gets much of the inspiration for her designs from the magical island of Bali where she is based for most of the year. Her influences are gathered from many aspects of Bali life from the local flora and fauna, the magical people, and the colors and patterns found in the local markets and villages. Many of Annie’s designs are intended to carry a special meaning by way of mantras or symbols that represent luck, love, protection strength, and well-being. It is core to Annie’s design ethos that all her designs should carry a message of either love or support. Many of the pieces can be personalized with initials and a choice of mantra to pass on a special message to the recipient.

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