London Heathrow Terminal 5 Lounges


London Heathrow Terminal 5

Located In The United Kingdom

London Heathrow Terminal 5 is exclusively used by British Airways. Unlike other terminals, you couldn’t buy your way into these Terminal 5 lounges until recently. The paid-for Aspire Lounge Heathrow Terminal 5 is now open which you can access with a Priority Pass.

For every other BA airport lounge, you need to be traveling First, Club World, and Club Europe, or you need to be a Silver or Gold Executive Club member to gain access to these lounges. Even then, the Concorde Room is purely reserved for First Customers or those with enough tier points to be given a special access card.

Terminal 5 consists of the main terminal building (T5A) and two satellite buildings (T5B and T5C) linked by an underground track transit system. T5A and T5B opened in March 2008, while T5C opened in May 2010. The building is so vast it is possible to fit 50 football pitches over Terminal 5’s five floors.

There are three London Heathrow Terminal 5 departures lounges collectively known as ‘Galleries’, and one arrivals lounge. These lounges include:

  • The Concorde Room for First customers
  • The Galleries First Lounge for First customers and Gold Executive Club members
  • The Galleries Club Lounges for Club World and Club Europe customers, Gold and Silver Executive Club members. See my review of the Galleries Club North Lounge, and the Galleries Club South Lounge
  • Elemis Travel Spas in the Club Galleries and Arrivals lounges
  • Galleries Arrivals Lounge for First, Club World and Gold Executive Club members travelling on long-haul flights

The Terminal 5 Concorde Room boasts a Concorde bar and restaurant. The Galleries First Lounge hosts a champagne bar and a ‘Gold’ bar and the Galleries Club Lounges features ‘Silver’ bars.