Fairfax And Favor Divine Walking Boots


I love lovely boots and shoes. I particularly like boots and shoes with enormously high heels that I can balance precariously upon as I hobble around a swish hotel. But I’ve always been a little stuck on how I might get to and from the hotel whilst still looking stylish. This is a particular problem on the sloping roads and pathways found most of my summer haunts – the cobbled streets of Capri make my enormous heels crippling. It’s even more of a hazard rocking 6inch heels in my favorite ski getaways, though I told it’s extremely amusing to watch.

Fairfax and Favor have come to my rescue like a knight in leathery armor with the most divine flat knee-length leather walking boots, bang on trend for this season. These boots are not only comfortable, but they also are crucially rather stylish and look and feel expensive. So that’s my problem solved.

Fairfax and Favor also make stylish staples for the male side of the walk-in wardrobe. The preppy leather driving shoes are a favorite and have a solid sole with a nice grip. And there is a range of smart-casual loafers to choose from.

Fairfax and Favor are looking to extend their range into coats (yey!). Something leather with fur cuffs and collar would be my suggestion, plus they are adding some travel-related items to the range, so here is one luxury traveler who is on the edge of her seat!

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