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So it’s winter here in the UK, time to sort out swimwear for my winter sun. Imagine the embarrassment of rocking up to the Metropole in the same swimwear, ohhh the shame.

I freely admit I hadn’t heard of Australia’s Kini Swimwear before stumbling across their website. One of those times when you have no idea how you wound up on a website but are very glad you did. Kini, consider yourself bookmarked.

The sales pitch – design your own one piece or bikini from a wide range of templates, there’s loads to choose from. Pick a color from an equally wide range of solid colors, prints and metallics. Then really personalise your creation using embellishments, buckles, ties and all sorts of lovely bits and pieces made available.

I had a blast designing mine. The process was easy, sizing a sinch. For fear of making then wrong choices I made a couple of bikinis, saved them, slept on it and decided on my favourite the next morning.

Next comes the hard part waiting for your swimwear to arrive! Kini Swimwear has a young funky vibe, a big Instagram following made up of girls modelling their creations, reveling in sharing selfies. It reassures you what you designed won’t disappoint and mine didn’t. The quality is great, the fit lovely, happy girl. Thank you Em and Elle!

My one regret was being a bit conservative with my design. Now I know the quality and fit of a Kini matches my aspirations I’ll be more bold with my design!

My advice, this lunch break take 10mins and head over to Kini too design your own Swimwear. It’s loads of fun, by the time you arrive home I’m willing to bet your be itching to order that saved Kini. Girls be bold!

Kini Swimwear

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