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I always try and buy items that inspire me. Coco and Sebastian use travel to inspire them. Exotic lands and far off places are portrayed in their scarf designs using vibrant colours and imagery. I love their Miami scarf with the silhouette of palms on a vividly coloured skyline and wanted to find about more about Coco and Sebastian and where they got their wonderful designs.

What countries most inspire you in your scarf designs?
The countries we find most inspiring depend on the time of the year, the season, where we are travelling and the news. Lately Brazil and Beena’s recent travel to India inspired her. I have been to Switzerland and we added my influence to the collection too.

What is your favourite scarf design?
Beena designs all the scarves, she does all the exclusive art work. Our favourite scarf design depends on our mood, where we are going that day, the weather or simply when we have created something new. To be honest I think its best that way, we love them all in there own exclusive way like a mother does all her children…all our scarves are our babies!

What makes your scarves different?
Our scarves are unique because all the art-work on them is exclusive and hand drawn. All our scarves are hand finished and made with love.

Why are your scarfs the perfect gift?
With the exclusive hand drawn art work on them, and the stunning colours and prints, they will put a smile on the face of the recipient.

Coco And Sebastian

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