Beefayre, The Christmas Gift To Save The Honey Bee

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I like to choose Christmas gifts with a story behind them.

Beefayre caught my eye as I was buzzing about online because the fact that the honey bee might possibly die out, has always worried the earth mother side of me. Plus I have always been fascinated with those little furry marbles buzzing around my garden in the summer.

I tried the Beefayre lip balm which was excellent and had good staying power, the Beefayre room fragrance which was sweet and light and I am also enjoying a fun Beefayre mug which makes me smile in the mornings. I also intend to let my lawn go crazy and plant a bunch of wildflowers so my conscience will soon be completely clear regarding saving the honey bee!

What better under your tree, than a gift that saves the honey bee?

Beefayre is a range of gifts inspired by nature and the plight of the honeybee. All the products come beautifully boxed in colourful botanical print designed to connect people of all ages to nature & the British countryside. 3% of the company’s profits are donated to bee conservation. The range includes home fragrance, beauty and homewares.

Beefayre was founded by Sharon Jervis in 2011 after she took an inspirational trip to Romania, where she met beekeepers and documented their ancient practice. Having always had a passion for wildlife, Sharon was impressed with the healthy bees and purest honey, pollen and propolis that she found. This trip taught Sharon about the healing properties of beehives and the importance of bee conservation. When returning to the UK, Sharon and her son Sam decided they wanted to celebrate bees and help the national drive to conserve them. It was then that the Beefayre collection of health, body care and home fragrance products was born.


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