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My mission to keep warm but stylish on the slopes is continuing with scarves.

I have many but i found these rather nice ones from Ala Mairi to add to my collection. The scarf combines a silk diamond shaped piece which is woven into a centre panel of thicker material. The result is a really unique and pretty scarf. I had a chat to Fatima who runs Ala Mairi to fins out the thought process behind her creations.

Why did you set up Ala Mairi?
I set up Ala Mairi as I love the craftsmanship of both handloom weavers of Scotland and Hand embellishment from Pakistani. My the passion to revive and re-establish the Scottish cottage industries of handloom weaving and lace-making while also helping women in Pakistan generate a sustainable income and improve their standard of living is the reason behind creating Ala Mairi .

What is your favourite Ala Mairi scarf design?
The Ayla snood as I love the subtlety of the unique grey colour – in order to achieve such unusual colours we hand dye all of our fabrics. I think the handmade weave panel works really well with the contrasting bright orange embroidered motifs.

What makes your Ala Mairi scarves different?
All of Ala Mairi’s garments are unique as they are designed by infusing traditional Scottish hand loom textiles with intricate Pakistani craftsmanship. Each scarf is made from 100% silk or crushed velvet by our weavers in Scotland and then embroidered and hand dyed by our artisans in Pakistan. It is this fusion of a diverse range of artists in the collection which is crucial to Ala Mairi’s originality and creativity; giving each piece a unique and multi-cultural narrative. The combination of ethically sourced, high quality materials and the intricate artistry involved with traditional hand loom weaving means that the clothes have a luxurious yet “green” and “friendly” touch to them; differing the garments from other collections.

Why are Ala Mairi scarfs the perfect gift?
Each piece in the Ala Mairi collection is handmade by the finest craftspeople, ethically produced and within the high-end market of fashion. It is the ideal gift for those who are ethically conscious and enjoy something a little different with a touch of luxury.

Ala Mairi

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