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It breaks my heart when my beautiful cases and bags get thrown on and off planes. On my last trip, my entire luggage was returned to me soggy and stained, perhaps this is the price I pay for living in drizzly England and travelling though major hubs.

As a consequence of my soggy luggage debacle, I decided to shop for a carry-on to protect my belongings. I wanted something that was stylish and could be shared between myself and my husband, (counts out pink flowery options). I also needed something that was robust enough to cope with my clumsy nature, whilst protecting my most treasured possessions.

The sleek, stylish and leather embellished Dressage Collection Petit Avion Steamer caught my eye and is now my favourite piece of luggage.  This robust and stylish little number is also perfectly sized to fit in the overhead locker and whizzes along on its rollers happily even when stuffed so full that I have to sit on it to close it!

Best of all, it looks sophisticated and unisex so my husband can share my load.

I haven’t solved my hold luggage problem, but I can protect my best bits and bobs by keeping them with me in flight, plus I look as cool as the air hostesses who accompanied the lovely Leonardo De Caprio in the movie “Catch Me If You Can” when I whizz along the airport conveyors.

Whilst on the Dressage Collection site, I couldn’t resist one of their beautiful Trotter Hobo handbags. Once again the bag is stunning and finished beautifully with gorgeous thick leather. Apparently executed in the finest European leathers and responsibly resourced exotic materials and handcrafted in Italy – it certainly feels handmade as it is finished beutifully.  It’s also large enough for a plane carryon so will be housing my magazines, tickets and emergency jet-lag busting chocolate digestive supply on my next trip.

All I need now is some new shoes….

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