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I often have a dilemma about what shoes to pack for holiday, for those times when my stiletto’s just wont work.. Seafront walks, cobbled passages and sandy beaches. Now reader, believe me I have tried to wear beautiful heels on the beach but you just end up sinking and getting stuck! Well I think I have finally found the solution – Slinks!

Slinks truly are a devilishly clever pair of sandals: a luxurious, comfortable and cute, with a decidedly practical side.

Created by London-based designer Jane Rafter, Slinks are beautiful handmade leather bases instantly transformable with interchangeable uppers. When in place the uppers appear fixed and delicate, but they are both detachable and very strong. Slinks are the most versatile, high quality, and travel friendly footwear around.

Slinks appeal in many ways: the versatility to have numerous pairs of sandals in one – imagine, a new pair of shoes every day! I love being able to match sandals to every outfit, to go on holiday with one pair of sandals but to look like i have half a dozen, simply by carrying your extra uppers in your handbag. For men it makes present buying easy, as additional Slinks uppers can be bought separately to add to the collection for the same price as a bunch of flowers.


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