Fly Across The Atlantic By Supersonic Business Jet

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I can’t believe that it has been almost eleven years since the beautiful Concorde ceased delivering it’s Supersonic Transatlantic service. Since then, the London-New York hop has seemed much further. However, in as little as five years time, it looks like supersonic flying will once again be an option for the luxury traveller.

Recently a couple American Aeronautical engineering companies have proposed the development of a transatlantic supersonic business jet routing from London to New York in under four hours. Technological advancements seem to have overcome the commercial issues of running these jets, reducing running costs and making them viable once again. At this point, there appear to be two main contenders, Boston-based Spike Aerospace and Nevada-based company Aerion Corporation who are partnering with Airbus, and who both claim that a supersonic four hour hop across the Atlantic will be in test phase as soon as 2019, with the world’s first supersonic business jet in operation as soon as 2021.

The inflight experience will be exciting to see and is expected to be vastly changed from your current inflight experience. Jets may possibly be windowless to make them more streamlined and fuel efficient (a normality among many military aircraft transporting soldiers). Curved screens on the sides of the craft could broadcast the view from outside or broadcast films movies.

To be honest, I am sure I echo my reader’s thoughts in that, as long as we can safely travel from London to New York in under four hours, the bells and whistles really don’t matter. Whoever launches this service will have luxury and business travellers queuing up to buy their tickets. Weekend shopping trips in New York for us Brits will be a reality once more!

Spike Aerospace
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