BOCA The World’s First Bespoke Luxury Toothpastes


When I found out about BOCA luxury toothpastes I was confused by why I might need to upgrade my paste. I was not prevously overly fussy on which toothpaste I purchased. However BOCA asked me to try their luxury toothpaste concept and both my head and my mouth feel refreshed as a result!

Did you know that harsh industrial chemicals are used in ordinary toothpaste? No? Neither did I! BOCA only uses the finest ingredients that have strong scientific support for their inclusion – suddenly I am feeling concerned about the contents of my “ordinary” paste!

Whats it like?
The packaging is beautiful, reminds me of Chanel, so I felt quite special receiving a box of BOCA toothpaste. And now for the flavour. I tried their blueberry – cranberry – cinnamon – lime – liquorish flavour and brushing with this toothpaste was like gently exploding a Willy Wonka’s gobstopper in my mouth, somehow the taste was all wrong and yet addictively nice at the same time. And after brushing, my mouth was left with a refreshed and clean with a light berry aftertaste. Im a convert. Yes this is more pricy than your standard brands but my mouth deserves it.

BOCA was established to create the finest handmade bespoke toothpastes. Each set of toothpastes being specifically designed and prepared for a client’s individual needs and preferences.

The mouth is an intimate, unique and sensitive environment where ingredients used during brushing can easily pass into the blood stream via the gums. That’s why BOCA insist on using only the finest ingredients that have strong scientific support for their inclusion. Most regular toothpastes contain harsh industrial chemicals that cause concern to the scientific community. BOCA preparations therefore are free from those chemicals.

BOCA have recently developed a range of exquisite handmade “ready to brush” or Botanical formulations that can be purchased online at or at selected premier dental clinics in London, Bath and Monaco. These formulations draw on the research generated from the bespoke range and include only the finest botanical actives and flavours.

All BOCA preparations are free from sodium lauryl sulphate (sls), hydrogen peroxide, parabens, triclosan, microbeads of polyethylene and preservatives. SLS makes cleaning products foam and froth and is used in industrial floor cleaners! SLS is a real concern to the scientific community.

Revolutionary technology called Active Cycling Technology (ACT) is included in both Bespoke and Botanical ranges, this keeps oral bacteria guessing by incorporating different botanical actives in the Day formulation to the Overnight blend. This technology is exclusive to BOCA and addresses the challenge that oral bacteria are particularly good at adapting and changing.

Uniquely, BOCA grow some of their own ingredients and have over 300,000 bees from which they obtain propolis which is offered in their Bespoke range.

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