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The lux lingerie brand Atelier Bordelle has just announced the Pearly Waspie. I guarantee it will be the only Pearl embellished Waspie you’re ever need – problem is convincing yourself you need a Pearl embellished Waspie.

Dear reader, in the interest of honesty I feel I must tell you that I love Bordelle. In a crowed market their pieces are instantly recognisable and incredibly stylish. So when I gush over the Pearly Waspie, it’s not without knowing its faults – it’s incredibly impractical and expensive (£1,025.00).

But that just makes me want it more! It’s beautiful, exclusively handcrafted from a mix of silk satin inserts, leather fringing, Swarovski pearl embellishments and finished with 18k gold plated hardware and four leather tassel suspenders.

I’m going to sit down tonight with a glass of wine and convince myself that I need a Pearl embellished Waspie. Perhaps.

Atelier Bordelle

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