Lahaina. A Pastel Blue Clap Board Harbour

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Lahaina used to be a raucous whaling town where sailors came ashore for its women and booze. Today, it is a pretty pastel blue clap-board clad harbour village full of restaurants, bars, t-shirt shops, galleries and clothing stores

Walkable from the Kanaapali resort area but only if you do parts of the walk on the road, Lahaina is it is worth a visit but is best reached by car or shuttle from the hotels in Kanaapali. Lahaina is also the boarding point for many whale watching tours and snorkeling trips.

In the centre of town is an impressive Banyan tree more than 18 metres high, and planted by the Sheriff of the town on April 24th, 1873 to mark the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the Protestant Mission in Lahaina. It is now one of the largest in the United States.

Shop, wander absorb the history buy a tacky t-shirt and then grab a refreshing drink at an open air restaurant, there is not alot to do here but its worth popping in.

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